Theo received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard in 1971 where she studied sociology, psychology, and anthropology (theorists including Maslow, Erickson, Kegan and Balint).

Her interest in tiers of human identity: biological, psychological, interpersonal, and cultural, was then drawn in to more applied practice. Through work as a cancer-ward nurse and later as a nurse practitioner, Theo expanded her knowledge of physiology and medicine, earning a Bachelor of Science from Boston University in 1973.

Theo worked as a nurse on a cancer ward for the Lahey Clinic until 1977. She then moved to managing medical and psychiatric services for severely ill adolescents in group homes, while training to be a Nurse Practitioner (Northeastern, 1978). Continuing an interest in the chronically ill, she was a primary care provider at Brookside Family Life Center and then at Longwood Pediatrics. She left primary care to study kinetics in 1996.

Following a disabling surgery in 1998, Theo's focus turned fully to the study of kinetics and effective movement principles (Aston Kinetics 2000-2006).

Life as a serious amateur cellist blended nicely with kinetic studies, alignment, and clinical massage. Theo continues to play with multiple chamber groups.

With a broad base in the Boston referral system, Theo brings a depth of experience and teamwork to her clients. Her most recent studies have been in the field of Leadership Embodiment. Theo receives clients in her home studio in Boston, Massachusetts.