I am delighted with the good care Theo has given me over 6 years! The help she gave me to heal my body, the research she did on my behalf, the recommendations she gave me, the confidence she instilled in me... how can I count the ways?

After my rotator cuff surgery - which by the way she discovered - she reduced the scar tissue and got me back in my kayak! How is that for magical hands?!
— Mandy W.
I was the fortunate recipient of Theo’s body work today, where I experienced instant release of tight muscles which were extremely overworked these past several weeks. Theo educated me as she worked on targeted areas of violin-related tension. She taught me how the body is constructed as she worked on specific areas. She taught me about ‘listening’ to the body as we did exercises together to open up the scapula in preparation for holding the violin.

Theo had just the right touch - not too forceful (which she explained is not safe for musicians). My body’s release was confirmed by Theo as she saw more length in my arms and more width across my chest.

She is a sensitive and articulate body worker with a compassionate understanding of what a professional violinist encounters on a daily basis. I would highly recommend her to any musician who wishes to increase their awareness of their playing and to experience a more grounded state.
— Patty Davis, Violinist, NYC 2013
Aston Kinetics is the best therapy I know of for many injuries that musicians are prone to. The exercises Aston incorporates are the best preventive medicine for these same injuries.

With her background in medicine and music, Theo Colburn is perhaps uniquely qualified for teaching these techniques and applying therapy for stressed bodies in need of rehabilitation.
— Frank Powdermaker
I moved to Boston six years ago, having played violin professionally my entire adult life. I was in a place where I couldn’t play my violin without numbness and pain, let alone function in everyday life.

A friend who knew of my physical limitations due to pain mentioned Theo in a conversation, adding that Theo is a musician who may understand my condition. This couldn’t have been more true! Theo changed my life as I knew it. After years of frustrating neurology appointments and very brief physical therapy sessions, my life changed from the treatments, exercises, and new self-awareness to which Theo introduced me.

Theo so thoughtfully addressed my chronic pain with massage therapy and movement exercises to incorporate in my everyday activities. To this day, for the massage therapy, Theo’s acute awareness of anatomy leads her to pin-point exactly where my toughest issues are. As my condition continues to improve, she challenges me with mind/body exercises that benefit my entire state of wellness. The past couple of years was the first time I have been living without constant pain.

I am so thankful to have been introduced to Theo and her practice. She teaches me simply by example as I try to mirror her demeanor and perspective on life.
— Eileen Kim